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Corporate management

Transparency, reliability, ethics, responsibility, customer needs and people-centric approaches are the cornerstone of corporate management at Crystal Leasing.

The corporate management of Crystal Leasing is handled by a qualified team, which has extensive, multi-year  experience in the financial sector. The team develops Crystal Leasing’s strategy based on established approaches, while also considering the dimension of corporate social responsibility

Management Team

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Kakha Gabeskiria

Chief Executive Officer

Kakha Gabeskiriajoined Crystal team in 2009, holding various executive positions such as Chief Credit Officer, Chief Operations Officer and Chief Business Officer. Starting from 2020 he was appointed on CEO position of Crystal Leasing a subsidiary of MFO Crystal.

Kakha Gabeskiria has 20 years of experience in MSME sector holding manager positions at Procredit Bank. He holds a BA in Economics from the Georgian Institute of Sub-tropic Agriculture. In addition, he is certified in Project Management, Business Analyses, HR Management, Product Development, Credit Portfolio Planning and Management, Credit and Operating Risk Management.

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Gvantsa Gvichia

Head of the Risk Department

Gvantsa Gvichia is serving as the head of the risk department since 2022.Gvantsa’s career in the financial sector began in 2005 with Procredit Bank. Two years later, she moved to the leasing sector,  taking over the position of a leasing manager in the Georgian Leasing Company. In 2010 Gvantsa joined “Alliance Group Leasing” as the head of the leasing department while from 2021 she held the position of head of business leasing at the Georgian Leasing Company. Gvantsa’s professional experience also includes consulting activities in the areas of finances and project management. Since 2021, Gvantsa Gvichia has been the executive director of the Leasing Companies Association.

Since 2010, she’s been actively involved in teaching activities, sharing her experience with students of high business schools.Gvantsa Gvicia holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in business administration from Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University. In addition, she holds a bachelor’s degree in law. Gvantsa holds ACCA and other program certificates in finance and management.

Currently, Gvantsa is a PhD student at the Georgian-American University (GAU). At the same time, she is actively involved in professional development trainings and personal coaching programs.

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