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Rural Development Agency (RDA)

Crystal Leasing supports the entrepreneurs engaged in the field of agriculture, offering them a flexible product – preferential agro-leasing in cooperation with the Rural Development Agency.

Agro-leasing, granted at favorable terms, serves the development of infrastructure to create additional value for agricultural products and is issued within the framework of the project run by the Rural Development Agency –  “Preferential Agrocredit”.

Who is eligible for preferential agro-leasing?

Preferential agro-leasing can be used by those entrepreneurs who produce agricultural products – modern farms, greenhouses, etc. In addition, it is intended for business entities producing packaging materials for agricultural products or having approved state co-financing within the framework of the co-financing program.

It is noteworthy that within the framework of the program, start-up businesses may also be financed with preferential agro-leasing.

Terms of preferential agro leasing

In case of applying for preferential agro-leasing, Crystal Leasing will purchase the vehicle, machinery or equipment you desire and will hand it over for use in exchange of monthly leasing fee. Once fully repaid, the asset will be transferred into your ownership.

The product is characterized by:

  • Flexible repayment schedule
  • Grace period
  • Customized terms and conditions.

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