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Financial Leasing

If you need to purchase additional equipment, machinery and light vehicles for the development of your business, Crystal Financial Leasing gives you a perfect opportunity to get funding at competitive terms, through fast procedures and professional service:

• Maximum leasing amount — 100,000 GEL;

• Minimum initial installment

• Funding in just 1 day.

The product is easy to use: Crystal Leasing will allocate a maximum of 100 000 GEL to finance the asset of your choice and will hand it over to you immediately after the purchase. Once fully repaid, it will be transferred into your possession.

Financial Leasing conditions:

PurposeSecured by movable assets
Asset typeNew or used
Leasing recipientPhysical/legal person
Leasing amount From 10 000 GEL – max 100 000 GEL
AmountUp to 80% of the value
TenorUp to 60 months
Interest rateFrom 21%
Effective interest rateFrom 23%
Disbursement fee0,5- 2%
Grace periodUp to 3 months
Repayment scheduleMonthly/tailored to income
InsuranceMandatory (depends on the asset type)

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Funding amount
5000 25 000 50 000 75 000 100 000
interest rate
10 20 30 40 50
6 19 33 46 60

Leasing fee


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Funding amount
0 month

interest rate
6 %
effective interest
0 %

Monthly fees do not include insurance and property taxes. Complete the leasing application for exact terms