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While cooperating with local businesses and offering alternative, simple and flexible products, Crystal Leasing is driven by the goal to carry out the projects that will contribute to the growth of entrepreneurship, the expansion of operating businesses, the introduction of new, innovative directions and the dynamic growth of the economy in the country.

Each project of Crystal Leasing is based on a detailed analysis of specific business needs, employing a customized approach with minimum procedures and maximum regard to customer needs.


Financing the purchase of innovative equipment by the aesthetics center "Hedone"

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Crystal Leasing financed the “Hedone” esthetics center to purchase brand new equipment – laser hair removal and underwater massage machines.

Along with launching new services, the project will allow the center to offer an innovative vacuum-functional underwater massage bath to its customers for the first time in Georgia. The purchased equipment will allow “Hedone” to introduce diverse and high-quality services, to promote the brand, to attract new customers and further develop its business.


Crystal Leasing helping the furniture plant "Skami" diversify its services.

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Thanks to flexible and simple products of Crystal Leasing, the furniture manufacturing plant “Skami” has come up with the opportunity to offer its customers even more diverse products and services.

Within the framework of the project carried out in cooperation with Crystal Leasing, the plant managed to obtain funding, tailored to its specific needs, avoiding all sorts of additional bureaucratic barriers. As a result, the company purchased a truck to provide home delivery service to customers, which allowed it to expand the scope of services while cutting back the costs. Currently, the company is working to offer new services to its customers.


Winery "Ghvinuka" financed by Crystal Leasing

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With the help of Crystal Leasing, winery “Ghvinuka” has equipped itself with new machinery, which has boosted the productivity of the company.

Thanks to flexible, simple and customer-tailored funding, the winemaking company will be able to optimize its business processes, to expand opportunities and increase the efficiency of product exporting.


The company “Malasa” re-equipped with help of Crystal Leasing

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With the financing of Crystal Leasing, the Georgian construction gloves producing company “Malasa” now has new knitting machines.

Modern equipment will allow the company to increase its output and meet the demand in the market.

“Malasa” is the only producer of construction gloves in the country. Its products are distinguished by high quality, durability and affordable price. New equipment will help the company to further develop its business.

Mariami 2019

New equipment in waste paper processing plant

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With the help of Crystal Leasing, the waste paper recycling company “Maryam 2019” has purchased a new machinery and started producing high-quality, environmentally friendly toilet paper.

Modern equipment will allow the enterprise to effectively respond to increased product demand and to scale up the operations through new material and technical resources.

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