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Crystal Leasing in support of Ghvinuka Winery

More and more entrepreneurs are turning to agro leasing – one of the products offered by Crystal Leasing. Thanks to flexible and simple financing, specifically tailored to customers’ needs, Zurab Maisashvili, the founder of “Ghvinuka” winery managed to equip his facility with new machinery and increase its productivity.

“Ghvinuka” was founded back in 2018. The company produces exceptional dry wines from Racha grape varieties. “Ghvinuka” products are being exported to the European Union and the USA markets.

After establishing the winery, limited access to finances was a major challenge for Zurab Maisashvili. It was right the time when the young entrepreneur learned about Crystal Leasing. With the help of preferential agro-leasing, he managed to purchase new inventory with relatively cheap resources and increase the productivity of the enterprise.

“The main advantage of leasing is that even with a small amount, you can start a fairly large production and expand the capacities of your enterprise. At the same time, in case of leasing, the risk that you will lose something fully, or the business will go bankrupt is practically zero “, – notes Zurab Maisashvili.

Customers have the opportunity to use agro leasing – one of the most popular products offered by Crystal Leasing to develop their businesses throughout the country.

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