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With help of Crystal Leasing, the furniture plant “Skami” has expanded its activities  

More and more entrepreneurs are using diverse, flexible and simple products offered by Crystal Leasing. This time, the company helped Giorgi Surguladze, the founder of furniture manufacturing company “Skami” to expand and develop the business.

The furniture company “Skami” has been operating on the market since 2020, offering customers high-quality Scandinavian models of tables and chairs, made of natural wood. Giorgi Surguladze managed to diversify production precisely with the financing of Crystal Leasing. “Our concept proved appealing on the market and the demand for the products soon increased. We realized that we needed to expand, but access to finances was a big challenge. Unfortunately, in conditions of pandemic-induced restrictions and complicated procedures, banks did not seem to take much interest in us. Shortly, we turned to Crystal Leasing and we managed to get funding without obstacles, which was critical for expanding the scale of our activities”, – says Giorgi Surguladze.

With help of Crystal Leasing, the furniture company purchased its own truck, which allowed it to stop using the service of shipping companies and to start offering home delivery service to its customers on its own. As a result, the company managed to improve the quality of its service while also cutting back the costs.

“The key advantage of Crystal Leasing is fast service and correct understanding of customer’s needs. It helps the business to run its operations smoothly. They approved  the application in the shortest time possible, without extra bureaucratic barriers”, – states the founder of “Skami”.

In the future, the furniture company plans to diversify its product range, to launch new services and to offer online sales to customers.

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