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Crystal Leasing helping the wastepaper processing plant with equipment

Crystal Leasing continues to offer alternative products to entrepreneurs across the country. With the financial support of the company, “Maryam 2019” managed to purchase new machinery and start the production of toilet paper.

Levan Askurava, the founder and director of “Maryam 2019” LLC started the business with the idea of  waste recycling. From the very beginning, the business rolled out pretty well. In order to expand the operations and meet the increased demand, it became necessary to mobilize new material and technical resources.

To secure funds for equipment, Levan Askurava applied to Crystal Leasing. “Here, I found the best conditions and I am happy I chose Crystal Leasing. With the obtained funding, I bought a new machine, which gave me the opportunity to create high-quality, environmentally friendly product. Leasing helped us a lot to achieve our commercial goals,” says Levan Askurava.

Crystal Leasing will continue to further expand its services and finance new business activities across the country.

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