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Crystal Leasing is one of the important directions, operating under the financial inclusion organization “Crystal”. Launched in 2020, it is offering alternative financial products, essential for business development to micro and small entrepreneurs.

Crystal Leasing offers a combination of comfortable conditions, simple, flexible procedures and a variety of possibilities. Customer-centric products fully meet the requirements and needs of modern micro and small entrepreneurs, increasing their access to finances and promoting the development of various businesses throughout the country.

Currently, the loan portfolio of Crystal Leasing exceeds 12 million GEL, its products are available in up to 50 branches of Crystal across the country. In the future, Crystal Leasing plans to spin off as an independent entity and continue its operations as a subsidiary of Crystal.

Crystal Leasing shares the mission, vision, goals and social responsibility of JSC MFO Crystal. Given the specifics of its operations, it puts particular focus on transparency, access to finances, strengthening the business sector, promoting and supporting the stable development of the country’s economy. These are the values that form the basis of the financial products and the projects implemented by Crystal Leasing.  

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Crystal, as a development platform for micro and small entrepreneurs, aims to defeat poverty by promoting entrepreneurship in a financially, socially and environmentally sustainable manner.

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Crystal’s vision is to become a leading customer-centric, people-oriented and data-driven financial inclusion organisation.

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Crystal’s goal is to provide customers with tailored, transparent, innovative financial solutions in a timely manner and to share the knowledge they need for success.

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